Hindu Boy Name With Z

Column 1 (English Names)Column 2 (Hindi Names)Column 3 (English Meaning)Column 4 (Hindi Meaning)
Zaiyaanज़ैयानOne who is full of life; gracefulजो जीवन से भरपूर है; सुंदर
Zankrutज़ांकृतOne who is considered auspicious; a queenजिसे शुभ माना जाता है; रानी
Zarannज़रनFlow of waterजल की प्रवाह
Zarveenज़रवीनHe who is an expertवह जो विशेषज्ञ है
Zaurasthraज़ौरस्थ्राOne who is like the Godजो भगवान की तरह है
Zeshanज़ेशानOne with high dignity and splendid standardउच्च मर्यादा और शानदार मानक के साथ एक
Zeveshज़ेवेशOne who is powerful and full of wisdomजो शक्तिशाली और बुद्धिमान है
Zeyarज़ेयारOne who excels in everythingजो हर चीज में उत्कृष्ट है
Zibnathज़िबनथOne who is immovableजो अचल है
Zisyarupinज़िस्यारूपिनHaving the appearance of a scholarएक विद्वान की दिखावट होने वाला
Zitinज़ितिनA bright ray of lightएक उज्ज्वल प्रकाश की किरण
Zravasyaज़्रावस्यFame, gloryप्रसिद्धता, महिमा
Zrimatज़्रीमातCharming, lovely, pleasant, splendidआकर्षक, प्रिय, सुखद, शानदार
Zubhasamanvitज़ुभासमन्वितEndowed with beautyसौंदर्य से सम्पन्न

In the realm of Hindu boy names, the letter ‘Z’ may seem elusive, but it holds a collection of hidden treasures that exude spiritual resonance and cultural significance. Each name starting with ‘Z’ carries a unique charm, derived from ancient scriptures, mythologies, and linguistic intricacies. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of Hindu boy names beginning with ‘Z’, delving into their meanings and the spiritual stories they tell.

  1. Zayan: Rooted in Arabic origins, Zayan means ‘graceful’ and ‘adornment’. This name reflects the beauty that resides within an individual, both in appearance and character.
  2. Zirak: Derived from Sanskrit, Zirak signifies ‘golden’. This name mirrors the radiance and purity that gold represents, evoking qualities of preciousness and brilliance.
  3. Zaafir: Meaning ‘victorious’ and ‘triumphant’, Zaafir carries an aura of accomplishment and success. It symbolizes the spirit of conquering challenges and emerging victorious.
  4. Zayit: This name originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Zayitah’, which means ‘shining’ or ‘bright’. Zayit reflects the inner light and brilliance that every individual possesses.

Spiritual Echoes and Mythological Threads:
Hindu boy names with ‘Z’ often draw inspiration from divine beings, celestial bodies, and profound spiritual concepts.

  1. Zaheen: Derived from Arabic, Zaheen translates to ‘intelligent’ and ‘wise’. It represents the virtues of intellect and discernment, qualities that are highly regarded in Hindu philosophy.
  2. Zarun: Inspired by the dawn or rising sun, Zarun signifies new beginnings, hope, and the promise of a fresh start. It resonates with the idea of breaking through darkness and illuminating the path ahead.
  3. Zeshan: Rooted in Sanskrit, Zeshan means ‘respected’ and ‘distinguished’. This name embodies qualities of honor, reverence, and high regard.
  4. Zravan: Derived from ‘Shravan’, this name is associated with attentive listening and learning. It signifies receptivity and the pursuit of knowledge, qualities deeply admired in Hindu tradition.

Embracing the Uncommon:
Names beginning with ‘Z’ offer a distinctive opportunity for parents to embrace the uncommon and bestow their children with names that stand out from the crowd. These names honor tradition while celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.

Hindu boy names commencing with ‘Z’ may be a rare find, but they hold a treasure trove of spiritual depth and cultural significance. As parents choose names for their sons, they have the privilege of weaving timeless narratives into the tapestry of their lives. These names encapsulate virtues, aspirations, and qualities that reflect the essence of Hindu philosophy, reminding us of the profound connections between language, spirituality, and identity.

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